Characteristics of Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management

Characteristics of organizational leadership Organizational leadership is the ability to support and guide people to achieve the goals of an organization. In my opinion, there are some characteristics of organizational leadership that are important for all profit or non-profit organizations. Firstly, a leader must understand the culture and behavior of the organization they are working for. […]

Compare Trademark to Patent, Copyright, Service Mark and Trade Secret

Although there are some disadvantages for trademark owners, the benefits of trademark registration are very important for every company or organization and they should not be ignored. Any company that wants to protect its brand name and reputation should have trademark registered.

Vietnamese System of Legal Documents

Taking into account one issue in Vietnam that refers to legal document, one might be confused when encountering phrases such as: law, resolution, decree, order, decision, circular… These phrases appear in regulation documents such as: Law on Enterprises No.60/2005/QH11 on 29 November 2005, Decree No.88/2006/ND-CP on 29 August 2006 on Business registration, Decision No.10/2007/QD-BTM on […]