The Number of Enterprises in Vietnam in the 2000 – 2009 period


In the 2000-2009 period, the number of registered business increased by 22% per year on average. During this period, a significant increase was observed in 2000-2001 (an increase of 37%), 2003-2004 (34%) and 2008-2009 (29%). In 2008 and 2009, and in spite of difficulties caused by the global economic crisis, the number of newly registered enterprises continued to rise. The number of newly registered enterprises in 2008 increased by 12.2% in comparison with 2007, and the number of newly registered enterprises in 2009 increased 29.4% in comparison with that of 2008. Continue reading “The Number of Enterprises in Vietnam in the 2000 – 2009 period”

GDP Growth, Inflation, Credit Growth in Vietnam from 2005 to 2009


Table 1: Key macro indicators

Indicator 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
GDP growth (% p.a.) 8.4 8.2 8.5 6.2 5.3
Inflation (change in CPI, % p.a.) 8.3 7.5 8.3 23.1 6.9
Credit Growth (% p.a.) 31.7 25.4 53.9 25.4 37.7

(Source: IMF to 2008, 2009 data by GSO) Continue reading “GDP Growth, Inflation, Credit Growth in Vietnam from 2005 to 2009”

Traffic Problem in Hanoi 1000th Anniversary

hanoi anniversary

In the year of 1010, Ly Cong Uan, one of VN King, decided to move capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long (Hanoi). This year Vietnam will celebrate the 1,000th anniversary with a great ceremony (from 1st to 10th of October). There will be many events during this period, so traffic in Hanoi will be affected seriously, particularly in main days. Continue reading “Traffic Problem in Hanoi 1000th Anniversary”

Top 200 World Universities 2010-2011

Times Higher Education has published its annual rankings, the top 200 list and the six subject tables have completely been overhauled with new methodology to deliver the most rigorous, transparent and reliable rankings tables ever. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-11 were developed in concert with our new rankings data provider, Thomson Reuters, with input from more than 50 leading figures in the sector from 15 countries across every continent, and through 10 months of extensive consultation. Continue reading “Top 200 World Universities 2010-2011”

Best Hotels For Business Travelers

business travel

San Francisco real estate is worth its weight in gold, and getting a good-looking pad in one of the city’s many gorgeous, atmospheric neighborhoods is notoriously expensive. It’s good news for visitors, then, that they don’t have to buy a place to enjoy the benefits–and business travelers are luckier still, if they can expense the hotel tab. Continue reading “Best Hotels For Business Travelers”

Is Vietnam Finally Ready for Foreign Investors?

Has Vietnam’s moment finally arrived? Explosive wage growth and labor strife in China and India, favored destinations for foreign investment in Asia, have multinationals taking a serious look at Vietnam as a low-cost alternative for new factories and call centers. “We’re cheaper—much cheaper,” says Nguyen Than Nam, chief executive officer of FPT, a Hanoi-based IT outsourcer and distributor of cell phones with $1 billion in revenue last year. Vietnam is ready to compete head-on for foreign investment, says Nam. “We are trying to be the ‘one.’ ” Continue reading “Is Vietnam Finally Ready for Foreign Investors?”