Vietnam Tours Lack of High-Class Services

Earlier, international tourists came to Vietnam to discover the secrets of its diversify history as well as to explore beautiful sceneries of a tropical country. However, the situation has changed now, tourists have high demands for entertainment, leisure and health care. With the current tourism infrastructure, Vietnam’s tourism industry is missing its golden opportunities to get profit from high class services. Continue reading “Vietnam Tours Lack of High-Class Services”

Top Universities in New Zealand


All universities in New Zealand provide an internationally recognized education, with strict quality controls over teaching at the colleges. The cost of studying in New Zealand is also much more reasonable than other destinations and you can expect to find a high standard of living here. Continue reading “Top Universities in New Zealand”

Mai Nha Isle – Pristine Place for Tourists

The natural turquoise waters of Mai Nha Isle are the perfect place for people living in cities.

If you have had enough of trips spent in luxury resorts and fancy restaurants, head to the virtually uninhabited Mai Nha (Roof) Isle in the central province of Phu Yen, Vietnam for a refreshing, adventurous holiday. Just 30 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa Town, Mai Nha Isle is a great place for a day trip or overnight camping. Continue reading “Mai Nha Isle – Pristine Place for Tourists”

The Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

1. Definition of SME in Vietnam

From 2001 to 2009, the definition of SME is said in Decree 90/2001 ND-CP as follow:
SME is an independent business establishment with registered capital not exceeding 10 billion VND (about US $600,000) or annual average number of permanent workers not exceeding 300. Continue reading “The Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam”

Small and medium enterprises are the Back Bone of Malaysian Economy

Statistic on Malaysian SMEs

99.2% of enterprises established in Malaysia are SME and the majority of them are micro enterprises (less than 5 workers). SME in Malaysia is defined as enterprises in manufacturing sector with annual sales under 7 million USD and enterprises in service and agriculture sector with under 1.4 million USD. SME is also indicated through number of full-time employees. SME in manufacturing sector are those with less than 150 labors and less than 50 labors for service, agriculture sector. Continue reading “Small and medium enterprises are the Back Bone of Malaysian Economy”

Technology Shopping Paradise in Vietnam – China border area

In the Vietnam – China border area of Lang Son province, high-end mobile phones such as iPhone or Nokia E71, E72, E75 are numerous and sold easily like vegetable. However, all of them are fake products. Continue reading “Technology Shopping Paradise in Vietnam – China border area”

Dau Tieng Lake in Tay Ninh Province – wild beauty of the South Vietnam

Living in the North, I’ve always wanted to know about the life in the South Vietnam, but I couldn’t until I moved to Saigon and had a chance to visit Dau Tieng Lake, one of the most popular tourism destinations in Tay Ninh Province. Continue reading “Dau Tieng Lake in Tay Ninh Province – wild beauty of the South Vietnam”

Australian Tourists Favour Viet Nam

Vietnam’s status as Southeast Asia’s fastest growing tourism destination is reflected in new statistics that show Australian visitors are flocking to the country like never before.

The Australians have cultivated a reputation for being voracious travelers, but traditionally, they have looked to Indonesia – particularly Bali – Fiji and Thailand when making plans to explore other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. Continue reading “Australian Tourists Favour Viet Nam”