How Predictive Analytics Help Grow Your Business

When you talk about successful business strategies, you can never overlook the need to incorporate predictive analytics into it. Predictive analytics is the processes of collecting chunks of data and being able to use them to predict unknown future occurrences. The process involves diversified techniques, which include data mining, modeling, artificial intelligence, and statistics before […]

Google MapReduce and Hadoop for Large Data Analysis

MapReduce is the programming model developed by Google for their large data analysis. Especially we can see the Google Search is scanning trillions of websites to compute the most relevant pages for a specific search query. MapReduce can intelligently distribute computation across a cluster with thousands of servers, each of them analyzes a portion of […]

Characteristics of Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management

Characteristics of organizational leadership Organizational leadership is the ability to support and guide people to achieve the goals of an organization. In my opinion, there are some characteristics of organizational leadership that are important for all profit or non-profit organizations. Firstly, a leader must understand the culture and behavior of the organization they are working for. […]

How to Reduce Parcel Costs If You Are Selling Online

Running your own online retail business involves regularly sending out a lot of parcels. With web-based sellers managing shipping and postage costs on tight margins, even a small price increase by carriers can affect business profits noticeably. Beyond asking them nicely, there’s not a lot you can do to stop Royal Mail and other providers […]

Economic Warfare and Transnational Organized Crime

This post brought to you by Deep Capture Blog. All opinions are 100% mine. Patrick Byrne, the CEO of discussed naked shorts, bust outs and economic warfare as a catalyst of transnational organized crime on the 17th of December 2013.  His main objective was to create awareness and educate the masses on the powerful elements behind economic […]