iPhone 7 Plus Model Numbers & Differences (A1661, A1784, A1785)

Just like the last two years, Apple has launched the standard iPhone 7 and the Plus variant of it, which is not just a plus with the size but with a few other aspects too. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is released for sale in different markets already and as usual creating confusion in the […]

Apple iPhone 7 Model Numbers & Differences (A1660, A1778, A1779)

Apple iPhone 7 is made available in the market and just like last year, you are looking at two iPhone 7 options – the flagship Apple iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus, which is not just bigger in size but is a lot better with the specifications as well, including a higher battery […]

Google MapReduce and Hadoop for Large Data Analysis

MapReduce is the programming model developed by Google for their large data analysis. Especially we can see the Google Search is scanning trillions of websites to compute the most relevant pages for a specific search query. MapReduce can intelligently distribute computation across a cluster with thousands of servers, each of them analyzes a portion of […]

Strategy to Attract International Students to America

General Background The United States is an ideal destination for international students to come and study. There are four main reasons that encourage international students to come to U.S, they are: educational quality, job opportunities, English language and democracy. As the result, recently, more and more international students are choosing the United States as a […]

Characteristics of Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management

Characteristics of organizational leadership Organizational leadership is the ability to support and guide people to achieve the goals of an organization. In my opinion, there are some characteristics of organizational leadership that are important for all profit or non-profit organizations. Firstly, a leader must understand the culture and behavior of the organization they are working for. […]