Top 5 American Colleges for Foreign Students

Each year, it seems the amount of foreign students attending universities in the United States of America rises. The reputation of these schools internationally is the main reason these students seek to get diplomas from these institutions. However, living abroad and paying for one’s education is not cheap and not easy in terms of cultural […]

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Get Into Medical School

The introduction and use of technologies in college are more than just using new technology. It’s about keeping students engaged in a way that increases their critical thinking skills and allows them to become successful. When using technology to improve the learning experience, students are equipped with the skills they need for a successful medical […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before Opening Your Dream Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant isn’t as glamorous as it looks on television. It comes down to hard work and passion. It’s important to understand all of the work that’s involved when opening and running a restaurant. Here are five things you should know before getting into the restaurant business.

Understanding the Business Culture in Singapore

Singapore receives thousands of business visitors each year. Some come here looking for the best business opportunities. Others are interested in looking for markets or business mergers. On all of these trips, the majority of entrepreneurs have to meet with local businesspeople. These Asian people have a business culture that has shaped how they do […]

How to Begin with Cryptocurrency Token Investing

Investing in the Crypto Marketplace space can be a little daunting for the traditional investor, as investing directly in Crypto Currency (CC) requires the use of new tools and adopting some new ideas. So if you plan to dip your toes in this market, you will want to have an excellent idea of what to […]

5 Business Hacks You Must Know To Run Your Empire Smoothly

A successful business requires successful time management, money management, crisis management, as well as team management skills. Let’s be true, these days competition is tough and time is short. Without tried and tested business hacks, it is quite difficult to increase the efficiency of the business.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Model Number Comparison (SM-G960 & SM-G965)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus was officially unveiled at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. They are the latest present from the Tech giant and they will be a replacement to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. You will get wonderful hardware and software from both phones. They share similar features together and in terms of display, the Galaxy […]

Comparing Between iPhone X Model Number (A1865, A1901, A1902)

The iPhone X smartphone was launched by Apple to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Just like the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, it’s also both dust and water resistant. It comes with upgraded software and hardware with dual cameras set-up and a beautiful design that is totally different from other generation of iPhones.